Kviris Palitra

Since 1995 weekly newspaper “Kviris Palitra" maintains the status of the most influential newspaper with the highest circulation in Georgia.
According to various surveys “Kviris Palitra" is invariably named as the country’s most reliable and readable publication.
“Kviris Palitra" is distributed throughout the entire country, and 40% of its readers live in the regions.
Starting from 2005, the newspaper has its own web page, which was updated in 2009 and firmly retains the leading place among top ten news websites.
In 2009 the newspaper launched a new project: in a certain instances together with the related magazine, “Kviris Palitra" readers have the opportunity to buy several series of books at affordable prices: 
"Great Artists” (The albums of the world’s famous painters)    

"This Is The World" (Educational books for children) 

"50 Books You Should Read While You Are Alive” (Selected works of world literature).

Release Day: Monday
Format: A3
Paper: Newspaper paper
Number of pages: 44
Out of them - full color: 20
Distribution areas: Throughout entire Georgia, including Tbilisi 55-60%; Greece, Turkey.