The journal of your house

High-quality Magazine. Being Issued since 2015 three times a month.

Interior and design, looking after the house, organizing the yard, practical pieces of advice.


Target Audience 
Women and men with exquisite taste valuing comfort and coziness, are interested in the interior design, enjoying looking after the plants, crafting items, doing various activities at the holiday house, are interested in the information about looking after the house and the yard.

Audience: women – 55 %, men – 45 %


It is positioned as the high-quality journal with the primary target of people who are interested in taking care of the house, architecture, design, have a holiday house, like looking after the plants and create items with their hands.


Area of distribution

Distributed throughout entire Georgia to local retailers and subscribers.


Seasonal issue, three times per month, on the 15th of the first month of the season

Format: A4

Paper: Smooth Chalk

Number of pages: 136