Sitkva Da Saqme
Sitkva Da Saqme

All advertisements of one newspaper!

Daily newspaper of advertising and ads. Issued since 1997. 


The newspaper serves at the largest information base of real estate as well as various types of services and offers.


Sitkva da Sakme is the most high distribution newspaper of advertisement and ads. It is distinguished by the varied possibilities of planning the advertising campaign, available advertising tariffs and comfortable system of discount. Unity of these advantages and a real effect of placed ads and advertisements determines high rating of the newspaper and its multi-thousand circulation.

Area of distribution

Newspaper “Siktva da Sakme” is distributed throughout Georgia, including, Tbilisi -  80–85% of total issue.  

Audience: men – 45 %. Women: 55 % 

Days of issue: three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the form of a catalogue of Tuesday. 

Format: newspaper – A 3. Three-part, catalogue  - A4.
Paper: newspaper

catalogue: chalk+newspaper 

amount of pages: newspaper 64-76; catalogue 290-320