Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
We are trying its best to use its resources for contributing to the development of the country. “Palitra Media” has organized and participated in numerous charity activities.

In 2017 “Palitra Media Holding” has joined campaign #Recover, which aims to fully recover the Borjomi forest. The employees of the Media Holding have participated in tree planting in Borjomi and Lisi areas.

The printing house “Palitra L” united in the media house actively supports and provides with books various government and non-government organizations, including, orphanages, corrections establishments, schools, and universities, sets awards for the winners of Olympiads, distinguished students, the intellect club “What! Where! When?”, etc.

“Palitra Media” was heading the rocket warship “Tbilisi.” It regularly supplied the crew with all types of journals and newspapers from 2001-2008, including, the newspaper “Kviris Palitra” and journal “The Arsenal.”

Since 2006 the media house has been supporting the crew of the coast guard “General Mazniashvili” With the initiative of the military-analytical journal “The Arsenal.”

Since 2007 Palitra Media has been implementing the project “The Dream Made True” with the blessing of His Holiness and Beatific Catholicos Ilia II within the scope of which it supports disabled people in all parts of Georgia.
Since 2012 it has been actively caring about environmental protection which it successfully manages the project “Makuliteratura.”

Since 2012 Palitra Media has been implementing significant public projects in cooperation with the National Library.

Palitra Media has been permanently performing various actions for the blind, homeless and families with many children. It provides journals and newspapers free of charge to the old person’s homes and other similar types of organizations.