About the company

Since 2010 Printarea has been providing poligraphic service. The company is able to provide full poligraphic services to the customer: digital printing, largeformat printing, branding of promotional materials, engraving, textile printing, hard surface printing, creative design. Clients of  “Printarea” are organizations operating in various areas as well as physical persons. Up to 30 highly qualified employees are engaged in the company.


“Printarea” holds one of the leading positions at the market in the field of high poligraphic service which it carried out by menas of the latest equipment and facilities. Its advantage is to print at high quality on varied materials of various forms, texture and color in the shortest perid of time – minimum 15 minutes, maximum 24 hours. It also offers the consumer transportation services throughour Georgia at any place. 


Company mission

The mission of “Print Area” is to offer the client a full spectrum of high level princting services. The priority of the company is to ensure efficient, high level poligraphic services and competitive prices. It aims to retain the leading position at the market in the long-term perspective.