About Us

How it all started.

The first issue of newspaper “Kviris Palitra” was published on 18 April 1995. The beginning of the publishing was based on the strong desire of Georgian Society, to have strong, objective and impartial print media to exist in Georgia.

During the time which is more than two decades, dedicated team of “Palitra Media Holding” evolved one newspaper to the strongest Multimedia Holding in Georgia.

Even though the existence of "Palitra Media" counts 22 years our Aim and Values remain unchanged, the only thing that changed during the time is the scale of the publishment and the media holding itself.  During the time in order to protect our independence we overcame numerous hurdles, and today we are proud of our Impartiality. We would never achieve all of this without our loyal and active customers, who is always supporting us. 


We create various opportunities for the representatives of all strata and social groups of society to gain significant and essential - political, economic, educational, cultural, sport and entertainment information. And all these using:  print, the internet, radio and TV media, and publishing activities.


We offer our customers a various, fast, comprehensive and efficient means of supporting their marketing activities.

  • As of today, Palitra Media unites three periodical newspapers, 14 periodical magazines, more than 20 internet portals, radio, TV, information agencies and literary publishing house.
  • The Number of our print media readers and web portal visitors exceeds 10 million monthly.
  • “Palitra Media” unites book retail networks throughout Georgia.
  • Publishing House is equipped with high-tech machines.
  • Advertising, E-commerce as well as web development agencies are part of the media holding as well.
  • The team of professionals of the Media Holding consists of more than 1800 employees who have been producing high-quality products and a broad spectrum of services for thousands of consumers for more than 22 years.
  • Our aim is to contribute to the development of free media in our country along with establishing democratic values, supporting public education and development.

Our Values

  • Freedom of speech and following principles of media ethics.
  • Topicality of information, unbiased and timely compliance with responsibilities.
  • Taking into consideration the interests of each customer.
  • Dedication to work, teamwork and high professional level.
  • Innovation, dynamism, and progressiveness.
  • High social responsibility.