Read the books, and you will feel better!

The network of bookshops “Biblusi” was founded on May 23, 2008. During the time "Biblusi" created the largest trade network of printing products in Georgia which is commensurate with modern standards and enjoys the trust of numerous consumers.
As of today, Biblusi is managing 51 branches throughout the whole country. On a daily basis is offers book readers literature of all kinds of genre and topics published by publishing houses and independent authors of Georgia.
The mission of Biblusi is to fully support popularization of reading the book in Georgia and increasing its availability which is crucial to further raise the level of education among the public.



Biblus Kids

"Biblusi Kids” is the unique place, a healthy environment which is full of books. it is a place Where kids can have fun and at the same time develop creatively and intellectually whereas parents are Taking a break. This is a modern and at the same time cozy entertainment complex where the security is the priority. Respectively, the place is equipped with secure and high technological entertaining devices.

The goal of Biblusi Kids is to create a healthy environment for children to help them rest and at the same time develop their mind The Core value is the popularization of books and reading throughout the whole country.  



CI Gusta!

Since 2015 the Italian café “Ci Gusta!” has been represented at the territory of Biblusi Gallery.

"Ci Gusta" is considered as a customer’s favourite cafe in 35 countries. the brand offers delicious Italian dishes and desserts, that is made by Italian chefs, at the same time "Ci Gusta" offers the exclusive coffee made of Prejeli coffee beans.

“CI Gusta!” is distinguished by the comfortable environment which is integrated with the book shop. It is also worth mentioning that this is a non-smoking area which creates a healthy environment for the visitors.

“Ci Gusta's!” second new branch is operating at VazhaPshavela 47.