About the company

The printing house “Color” was established in 1992. It has been printing: journals, newspapers, books, copy books, etc. Rotaton and sheet equipment printing has been introduced. Clients of the printing house “Color” are organizations and physical persons operating in various fields. 


In 2014-2015 a modern type of most recent high technology equipment was added which ensure high quality advertising production and all kinds of book printing. At present, up to 200 employees have been operating in the production. Pre-printing, polygraphic and after printing services are of high priority for “Color”.



„Color“is positioned as the largest newspaper and magazine printing house. Since 2013 it has started to develop the production of adveristing products of a new priority direction. The main priority of the printing house is to ensure active operation of all production lines which is the guarantee of saving time and money, providing timely orders and manufacturing high quality production.


Company mission

The mission of the printing house “Color” is to ensure high quality service within 24 hours in respect with any amount of order and complexity.