Kviris Palitra
Kviris Palitra

You are the reader with a taste!


There is written Newses of the whole week, as well as significant events, political, social, business and cultural news, in the magazine "Kviris Palitra".


Target audience

The target audience of Kviris Palitra is the people from the age of 30 who feel the need to obtain comprehensive and reliable information in the country and outside it regarding current events. The readers are representatives of all strata and social groups of society who wishes to get involved in the publicly active life.


Audience: men 55 %; women – 45 %;


Throughout the last decades, "Kviris Palitra" has been firmly maintaining the status of the most reliable, high distribution and important publication status. "Kviris Palitra" has been unchangeably named as the most readable newspaper in various types of research and competitions. Throughout almost 20 years of the existence, the newspaper established the strong tradition of popular, wide variety, and objectivity of information and all of that, because of constant care for the reader. Its variety and objectivity brought it the trust from thousands of devoted readers.

Since 2005, the newspaper has its Web page www.kvirispalitra.ge which as of today is maintaining its' position in top 10 among the Georgian news sites.


Area of distribution

”Kviris Palitra” has been distributed throughout the whole country. Regions account for around 50 % if its readers whereas another 50 % are in Tbilisi.

Date of issue: Monday
Monday: A3
Paper type: Newspaper
Number of Pages: 44-48