Society of Book Distributors
Society of Book Distributors

“Society of Book Distributors” was established in 2014. At that time Georgia already has its representatives in almost all regions. Amateurs who fully recognize literacy as part of the development process of the country are mart of it and act accordingly.  For example, groups of people play a significant role in delivering books to every citizen. To be more specific, they provide books/catalogues throughout whole Georgia and assist the readers in selecting desirable literature. In other words, through their activities, members of society in Georgia continue the work of those who carried it out in 60’s of the 19th century. This is why the people called them “book agents”.        


“The aim of the association of book agents” is to raise the level of literacy among the public, enhance love towards reading books and support development and progress of society.   

The project is unique in that it enables book lovers additional opportunities:

  • To buy their favorite books at the price that is more acceptable than the market one
  • Get additional discount
  • Establish their own business
  • Any interested person can get engaged into public activities from any part of Georgia


Book transportation is free of charge throughout whole Georgia!