Ojakhis Mkurnali

For your healthy lifestyle

Issued since 2000.


News of medicine, healthy eating, taking care of oneself, doctor’s advice, questions and answers. The final section of the journal is dedicated to the issues pediatrics.  

Target Audience

People above the age of 18 who are interested in the issues related with health, proper eating and taking care of oneself. Also, representatives of the medical sphere.


audience: women 65-70%; men: 30-35%

“Family Healer” is created by highly qualified doctor-journalists. The main aim of the journal is t provide the public information about the healthy lifestyle.

Area of distribution

Distributed throughout whole Georgia. Part of the issues is distributed in medical centers, fitness clubs, stomatological clinics.


Date of issues: once a month, beginning of the month

Format: A4

Paper: Chalk

Number of Pages: 84