In 1996, after the publication of the first magazine “Bomondi" the history of Georgian magazines began.

“Bomondi “- monthly so-called "glossy magazine" stands out thanks to its special design, original literary style, exclusive patent photo sessions and multiplicity of categories, such as fashion, personal info, issues of culture, gallery, useful tips and other Beau monde stories, which determine the magazine's sophisticated style and guarantee its interesting context. The magazine is distributed in the network of restaurants, hotels and cafes.

Release: once a month, (the beginning of the month)
Format: A4
Paper: Chalk
Pages: 132
Distribution area: Throughout entire Georgia

Contact Information

Address: 49 Iosebidze Str., Tbilisi, Georgia.

Tel: Editorial office: 238-74-44;

Advertising: 238-35-08

Fax: 38 – 08 – 63