The stage of publication of Magazines started back in 1996 and the first magazine to be produced was "Bomondi".


The monthly aka “glossy” journal is being published since 1996.


The Magazine includes the sections about fashion, design and various areas of culture.

Target Audience

“Bomondi” unites the values which are shared by the elite society: successful people with good taste and cultural workers. these are people whose opinions are respected and foreseen in Tbilisi.     


“Bomondi” takes care of formulation of the taste of the reader providing necessary information in the areas listed above. “Bomondi” is the source of inspiration. The person opening "Bomondi" finds useful pieces of advice about the fashion brands and gets introduced to the social news. “Bomondi” is distinguished with the extraordinary photo sessions.       

Audience: women: 75 %, men: 25 %

Area of distribution

“Bomondi” is distributed throughout whole Georgia among local retailers and subscribers as well as cafes and hotels.  

Day of issue: monthly, at the beginning of the month

Format: A4
Paper: Smooth Chalk
Number of pages: 132