Publishing House Palitra L
Publishing House Palitra L

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“Palitra L Publishing” was established in 2005. Throughout ten years it has implemented numerous innovative and large-scale projects. The most significant among them is the international project "50 books you should read till you are alive “as a result it has established a leading position in the book market of Georgia.

At present "publishing house Palitra L " publishes more than 400 books written by Georgian and foreign authors’.

Our most important publishing directions are: world literature, Georgian prose, children’s books, modern translations and industry-wide literature.

Publishing House Palitra L has been successfully operating in respect with serial publications together with Palitra Media magazines and newspapers. This direction is one of the priority ones. In future, the publishing house is planning to implement significant new projects.
Palitra L publishing house is the member of the Association of Book Publishers and Distributors. It has been.


The publishing house Palitra L is the largest publishing company in Georgia which publishes the highest number of books in Georgia.

The books are printed at the highest polygraphic level and offer the consumer a variety of genres and topics. Palitra L actively cooperates with local printing houses with the objective of supporting the Georgian production.

The Company Mission

The mission of the publishing house is to increase book availability, raise the level of literacy and implement modern technologies in the publishing market.

ბლოგი, სადაც იხილავთ ინფორმაციას ყველა იმ წიგნების სერიის შესახებ, რომელიც ”მედიაპალიტრის” ამა თუ იმ გამოცემასთან ერთად გამოდის.
ეწვიეთ ბლოგს, გაეცანით, გაგვიზიარეთ თქვენი შენიშვნები და მოსაზრებები. ბლოგმა ეს ესაა დაიწყო ფუნქციონირება და ჩვენთვის თითოეული თქვენგანის აზრი ძალიან მნიშვნელოვანია!