“Gza” – is a social-political magazine with greatest circulation in Georgia. It covers politics, economy, show business and other local as well as international news. Starting from 2010, one of the most successful  projects was implemented along with the magazine, "Kartuli Prozis Sagandzuri" (Treasury of Georgian Prose), where massive series of Georgian literary works were published. And  as of 2011 a new series titled "Chemi Rcheuli" (My Selection), will to be published. It will include the best works of Georgian writers.
Release Day: Thursday. 
Format: A4 
Paper: newspaper. 
Number of pages: 96 
Distribution area: Throughout GeorgiaChoose your way!

Choose your way! 
Weekly social-political magazine. Issued since 1996. 


Politics, economy, history, humor as well as news of showbusiness and other local or international ones.

Target Audience

People between 25-60 for whom being aware of current society issues is important.


Audience: men: 60%, women: 40%

One of the highest distributed Magazine in Georgia. The variety of news, constant interaction with the reader, multi-directional representation of actual topics distinguishes it from other magazines.

In 2010 the foundation was laid to the extremely large-scale and successful projects cycle “Books together with the Press at the affordable Price” in cooperation with magazine “Gza’ by publishing the series of books “Georgian Prose Treasure.


Area of distribution:
Distributed throughout whole Georgia.

Date of issue: Thursday
Format: A4.
Paper: newspaper + chalk
Number of Pages: 96