About the company

Ltd Colourpack is the Subsidiary company of the printing house “Color.” It was established in 2005 and has been printing various types of packaging and advertising product: high quality and complexity wine and champagne labels, packages of food products, boxes, bags, envelopes, files, business cards, stickers, calendars (wall, table, pocket), posters, etc. Most recent technologies, ecologically clean paper and paints are used in production.


“Colourpack” is being positioned at the Georgian market as the producer of the high-quality label, one of the biggest supplier of paper packets and a reliable partner in the area of printing ads.


Company Mission

The mission of “Colourpack” is to replace imported product by locally manufactured high-quality one and to Implement the culture of using ecologically clean paper in packaging food products.

HP Indigo

The additional new direction has been added since 2015 – printing labels and packages. The company purchased a new facility HP Indigo WS6800, which is the first one of its kind in Trans-Caucasus Region. “Colourpack” employees have been trained internationally which enabled the Georgian winemakers as well as other types of producers to receive quick and high-quality service of printing labels in Georgia.