Sitkva da Sakme

“Sitkva da saqme”- is the highest-rated advertising and classified ads magazine with the greatest circulation in Georgia, which comprises all information on movable assets and real estate. At the beginning, in 1997 the newspaper was a weekly publication; gradually the periodicity increased to 3 times a week and now, in order to meet all the existing demands on the advertising market, it is published every day except Sunday.
The rating of “Sitkva da saqme” is determined by the effectiveness of classified ads and advertisements placed in the newspaper. Its advertising campaign planning as well as its assortment of terms and conditions, like affordable advertising rates and favorable discount system meet the interests of its customers.

free application:2388 - 755; 2388 - 711; 2388-433(24/24)
advertising application:231-30-01
advertising application with foto and title:237-78-07; 238-78-70
pretention: 238-88-03

Release Days: Every day except Sunday.
Format: A3. In three parts.
Paper: newspaper
Pages: 72-80
Distribution area: Throughout entire Georgia, Including Tbilisi, 80-85%